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R U OK Day Cupcakes

Losing a loved one to something as preventable as suicide has become far too common in Australia. Luckily, Gavin Larkin and Janina Nearn sparked a movement that would change history forever with their nonprofit, R U OK. 

R U OK Day is the 12th of September, and is a day for Australians to raise awareness about suicide awareness and prevention. Their message is simple: reach out to loved ones, people in your community, and connect. These connections are powerful and can be the lifeline for many.

If your organisation is hosting an R U OK Day event or fundraiser, Black Velvet Cakes has the desserts for the occasion. When shopping for the perfect cupcakes, you can select from our wide array of options–we offer mini and standard cupcake sizes, vanilla and red velvet flavours, and design options that meet the needs of your event.

Cupcake Designs for R U OK Day

R U OK Day symbolises how one small gesture can change a person’s life, and it can be as simple as a thoughtful text message or a kind smile. We have handcrafted our cupcake designs to reflect the small-but-mighty efforts we can all take to better our community. Choose from delicate gold flakes to celebrate those who have overcome their mental health battles, our simplistic smiley face that represents R U OK’s logo, or a bold text bubble with the phrase, “R U OK?”

There’s truly no better way to signify your allegiance with R U OK’s message than an assortment of mini cupcakes, combining the powerful logos from R U OK with your company or organisation logo. Attendees will marvel at your commitment to this noble cause while enjoying a delicious treat that motivates them to connect with their community.

A Box of Cupcakes for Everyone

Our selection of R U OK cupcakes come in a variety of aesthetic options, so everyone can enjoy them–no matter their dietary restrictions. We offer gluten-free R U OK day cupcakes, as well as vegan options. Leave us a note on your order or contact us today to explore more options for your R U OK Day event!

R U Ok? Day Cupcakes and Mini Cupcakes in Sydney CBD

A box of R U Ok? Day Cupcakes or Mini Cupcakes can spread awareness and motivate people to meaningfully connect to their family, friends, classmates, or colleagues in Sydney. They may be bite-sized, but the effect will be much bigger than that if we work together.

Learn the importance of this day and make it worth it. With a lot of people needing our help without our notice, it is a must to take that extra step - a life changing one that begins with a simple question are you okay?

Be the Conversation Starter

Starting a conversation might be a challenge, and we think a delicious R U Ok? Day Cupcake may help. After asking are you okay, you must learn to accept whatever his or her response will be. Always remind yourself that you are there to help and not worsen the situation.

Wait until they are finally ready to talk to you, and then listen. Make them comfortable and then encourage action. Emphasize that despite the ups and downs of life, there will always be people like you willing to help everyone, every day.

Cupcakes and Mini Cupcakes Baked from the Heart for Any Occasion

R U Ok Day 2024 is an important celebration for Black Velvet Sydney. We find this as an opportunity to help the people who are struggling to see the light with our freshly-baked cupcakes and mini cupcakes. Each one is baked from the heart and will be the perfect dessert during a much-needed conversation.

Bye cupcake flags, hello top cupcake toppers. That's what we used to for our R U Ok? Day Cupcakes. Every cupcake and mini cupcake is available in vanilla velvet flavour adorned with the smoother buttercream icing. 

Reliable Customer Service Team for Perfect Shopping

Wherever you are advocating R U Ok? Day - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or anywhere in Australia, we will make sure our cupcakes will arrive at your location on time. Our reliable customer service team and efficient delivery will guarantee a smooth sailing transaction. Contact us at or by clicking on the bottom right of this website for more details.