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Gluten Free Flour Cakes Sydney

What are Low Gluten Cakes?

We use normal flour in our kitchen along with Gluten Free flour. As there is a minimal but greater than zero risk that our Low Gluten cakes, using Gluten Free recipes, could be contaminated by Gluten particles in the kitchen, we define our products as Low Gluten. This is a requirement by law, but we also want to keep our gluten conscious customers fully informed.

What makes a great Gluten Free Cake?

Without a doubt one of the most critical factors preparing Gluten Free Cakes is the ingredients, especially the flour. For years we experimented with multiple flour types and we have found the best Gluten Free flour for cakes. Surprisingly, the end result is preferred by some of our decorators over our classic recipe cakes! The perfect flour combined with our award winning buttercream in flavours including vanilla, chocolate, salted caramel and red velvet, provide a great range of popular party flavours for your next event. However, without a doubt, if the occasion warrants a gluten free lemon cake, ours is hands down sublime.

Gluten-Free Cakes Delivered All Over Sydney

Our Low Gluten Cakes are available for Sydney-wide delivery 7-days a week, or you can also pick up from our Darlinghurst Concept store. You're welcome to purchase via ordering directly online, contact us 24/7 using our online chat, or Contact Us via phone or email. Of course, you're welcome to visit our Darlinghurst Store to discuss your cake options.

Gluten-Free Wedding Cakes - Yes! Gluten Free Cakes for All Celebrations

Our Low Gluten Cakes, using Gluten Free Recipes, can be used as a base to make any cake available on our site, or your welcome to provide us details of your dream gluten-free design cake and we can provide you a no-obligation quote. Do visit our Wedding Cakes page for more information on how we can make the perfect Gluten-Free celebration cake for your wedding day.

Just a Reminder....

Our Low Gluten Cakes are made with a Gluten-Free receipe using Gluten-Free flour, however due to the presence of gluten in our kitchen, there is a small risk of cross-contamination, so we call our cakes Low Gluten. We take a lot of care in catering for all our client with special dietary needs.