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Cake Decorating Careers In Sydney

Join us and change people's lives!

Cake Decorating Jobs in Sydney | Kitchen Hand Jobs in Sydney

So you're considering joining the team of Sydney's #1 Celebration Cake Studio? Let us help you apply!


What makes an ideal applicant?

Simply, understanding your work is a journey to perfect your art.

The world's greatest sushi craftsman, Jiro Ono (made even more famous by Netflix), said "I fell in love with my work and dedicated my life to it, even at 85 I don't feel like retiring". Working in kitchens like Black Velvet Cakes brings many challenges, but in every challenge there is art. From understanding the efficiency and accuracy in all our cleaning methods, to the delicate balance of colours and textures in our cakes, Black Velvet Cakes will enhance your own understanding and experience of your work that will impact you for a lifetime.

Humbled that your art is an essential ingredient in life's biggest celebrations.
Celebration Cakes are unlike any other cake, they communicate love. Our clients enjoy our cakes at their most important life events - Weddings, Major Milestone Birthdays, Big Corporate Achievements and Baby Celebrations. The cake is eternalised in all the photos where the party toasts the celebrant and culminates the joy and love of the recipient. Every cake we make, this is on our minds and we review each cake to ensure it will bring that extra special Wow to it's event.

Enjoy creating with your hands.

As a child, did you enjoy classes like Art, Home Economics, Wood/Steel Work? Or have you enjoyed making and baking at home? Of course when we begin any new skill, it can take time to get your hands right to make art efficiently and with flair. Whether you're a highly experienced pastry chef or decorator or believe you have a flair for creating with your hands, we definitely want to hear from you.

Our Culture.

Culture begins at the top and Black Velvet's director, Luke Anthony, has had an extensive global career implementing creative solutions for many industries from car manufacturing to 5-star hospitality and travel. He was also a national level athlete who would spend hours a day perfecting technique to get milliseconds of improvements in preparation for competition. The diversity of his experience and passion for perfection in technique allows him to inspire, motivate and challenge the team in all aspects of what we do.

Our wonderful team is globally sourced, with team members from Australia, Europe and Asia. Some are highly experienced hospitality professionals, others came to us with nothing else but a passion and a desire to learn.

Black Velvet Cakes is the premier Celebration Cake and Cupcake shop in Sydney. We pride ourselves on offering joyful and delicious cakes and cupcakes for birthdays, weddings and corporate events in Sydney.
Our team is a global collection of passionate cake decorators, bakers and kitchenhands who are incredibly focused on delivering sublime experiences for our clients.
We are always hiring casual cake decorators and kitchenhands and look forward to hearing from you!
** Please note we only accept applications from people currently living in Sydney. **
Please see our application below.

We're constantly hiring Casual Cake Decorators and Casual Kitchenhands. Part Time and Full Time positions are available after 12 months casual work.

We pay well above award rates with kitchenhand team paid $32-$45/hr and Cake Decorator team paid $35-$65/hr.

Our production facility is located near The Grounds, Alexandria. Street and Limited Offsite Parking is available.

To be sponsored, you would need to be a top performer working for us for at least 12months. We use a hospitality focused migration agency who has been very successful with our applicants. Please do not apply if you do not have working rights in Australia.