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July 04, 2023 0 min read

Kids’ Chocolate Birthday Cakes

Chocolate cake is a classic that’s sure to be a hit at any birthday party. The flavour is rich and decadent, one that everyone will enjoy and love. So, if you’re looking for kids’ birthday cakes in Sydney, it’s a good idea to find a bakery that does chocolate best, like Black Velvet Cakes. This way, you’re assured that you get a dessert that tastes just as good as it looks!

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Things to Consider for Kids’ Chocolate Birthday Cakes

Aside from flavour, there are many other things to consider when thinking of birthday cake ideas for boys and girls. Here’s everything you should keep in mind:

Frosting and Toppings

Birthday cakes should come with a little something extra, and you can do a great deal of impressing with the right frosting and toppings combo. You can add in some ganache, whipped cream, or candy, giving your child a sweet treat on top of the cake (maybe even literally)!

Cake Size

Size doesn’t always matter, but it should be considered particularly if you’re hosting a party for a lot of people. You must make sure that it’s enough for everyone to get a slice.

Tips for Hiring the Best Makers of Kids’ Birthday Cakes

Discuss Your Vision

Before hiring a cake-maker, chat with them to discuss what you have in mind for the cake. Share ideas and themes, then ask for their input and recommendations. This consultation will give you an insight into their technical and creative abilities, helping you make the right decision.

The Best Chocolate Birthday Cake for Kids by Black Velvet Cakes

Black Velvet Cakes is a premium cake shop in Sydney that makes some of the best custom birthday cakes in the city! With us, you’re guaranteed to have jaw-dropping cakes that your kid will love, in a scrumptious chocolate flavour. Get your kid’s chocolate birthday cake from Black Velvet Cakes today!

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