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Cakes Parramatta

cakes parramatta

Cake Delivery to Parramatta

Celebrating makes our mood better. Attending events such as weddings, birthdays, or engagement parties can make us smile and toss all our problems in the air. Do you know what makes us happy and hungry at the same time? Desserts. More specifically cakes delivered Parramatta that will surely blow your mind because of their out of this world design and taste. Of course, you're welcome to visit our store, which is located in Darlinghurst, just outside Sydney CBD.

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Quit asking about what are the best cakes near me because our award-winning dessert creations will convince you to go directly to our store or go online and purchase one. We will prove to you how it has become a staple in Parramatta, and how it dominated the dessert tables across top-rated restaurants and wedding venues.

18th birthday cake parramatta

Best 18th Birthday Cakes by Black Velvet Sydney

When a girl turns into a lady, she must have nothing but the standout 18th birthday cake that will reflect her blooming personality. That is not a problem with your favorite cake shop as we baked, decorated 18th birthday cakes that made a statement in birthday parties across Parramatta and all over Sydney.

For your 18th birthday cake, you can choose from different kinds of cakes from our wide array of dessert collection. You can choose our Woman #01 Cake to highlight your shining personality or Unicorn Rose Cake to prepare yourself for a magical life ahead. Just two of our wonderfully designed birthday cakes perfect for your 18th birthday, you can choose more from this collection. If you prefer gluten-free or vegan versions of our cakes, don't hesitate to contact us.

What's even better is that, whether it is an 18th birthday cake, 1st birthday cake or 50th birthday cake, you have the option to customise them to match your party theme. You can start by choosing the flavour and the topper.

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Wedding Cakes Delivered in Parramatta

The feeling of tying the knot is probably the best one you can have, but having a picture-perfect cake as your centerpiece will add to that excitement. Every wedding cake that comes out from Black Velvet Sydney is baked with love to match the heavenly feel of the celebration. Props to our cake decorators, which are considered the best in Sydney, for making this possible.

Your favourite cake shop received two thumbs up when it comes to our wedding cakes. When delivered in Parramatta, every guest present at wedding events will surely have their jaw drop after seeing our breathtaking creations. These famous wedding desserts include Elegant Rose Cake and Semi-Naked Rose Cake.

As they become a staple wedding cake in Parramatta, we suggest you have them during your celebrations at LachlansThe Coffee Emporium, and other locations. They can even share the spotlight with the newlyweds because of its effortless beauty.

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Craving A Delicious Birthday Cake? Call Us Now!

In need of a 21st birthday cake or a wedding anniversary cake? You don't need to think much because Black Velvet Sydney is here to grant your dessert needs. Begin by chatting with our customer service team by clicking on the bottom right of the website. Our customer service team will guide you through to achieve your dream cake. They can also help you with the brainstorming if needed.