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When Art Meets Cake

July 03, 2019 2 min read

When Art Meets Cake

The hunger for art in the form of painting and cake demonstration was fulfilled during the recent Archibald Prize Exhibition. NOVA Recruitment, Black Velvet Sydney’s valued client, handled the awarding of the winners during the exhibition. 


The Best Cake in Sydney at the Archibald Prize Exhibition 2019

During the latest exhibition last June 29, your favourite cake shop was fortunate enough to showcase our talent in cake decorating through a live demonstration. Known to be one of the best in Sydney, our cake decorators lived up to the expectations and impressed the crowd in the gallery. Everyone was amazed by their attention to detail, precise movements, and artistic senses.  

The fun part happened after when the guests had the chance to taste the decorated cake. You can see the happiness in everyone's faces in every bite, a seal of approval we need to solidify our claim as one of the best cakes in Sydney. The perfect texture and the right amount of sweetness stood out among everything else. A delightful combination that even people outside the gallery admire so much. 

If you want to know how every guest felt during the Archibald Exhibition, start browsing through our cake collection. Every dessert present in the collection is meticulously crafted by our master cake decorators, with the vision of making the best cakes in Sydney and the whole of Australia. A staple in different occasions, these cakes have dominated every dessert table in birthdays, weddings, engagement parties, baby showers, corporate events, and holiday celebrations. 

Feel free to communicate with our customer service team by clicking on the bottom right of this website. They are always ready to listen to your concerns, note down every request, and transform them into your dream cake. 

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