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How Much Do Wedding Cakes Cost?

The cost of a wedding cake in Australia can vary tremendously depending on its size, design complexity, ingredients, and the expertise of the cake designer. You may also see some wedding cakes priced by the number of servings, or you can also take a look a Black Velvet Cakes and our transparent pricing per cake–which ranges from $140 for vintage and aesthetic minimalist cakes to multi-tiered, elaborate designs in the $375 range. 

Vintage Wedding Cake Sydney
  • Fillings and frosting: What is used for the fillings and frostings can affect the price. More elaborate or labour-intensive fillings, such as fruit compotes, ganaches, or custom-flavoured buttercreams, may increase the cost. 
  • Delivery and setup: If the cake needs to be delivered to the wedding venue and set up by the cake designer, this service may be an additional cost. Factors like distance, travel time, and the complexity of setup can influence the fee. The cake should be staged for maximum visual effect.
  • Reputation and experience: Cakes from renowned or highly skilled cake designers often come with a premium price due to their expertise, creativity, and craftsmanship.

A wedding cake designer needs to pay attention to detail and make sure it has precise edges, clean lines, consistent decorations, and symmetry between tiers. It's important that the cake also be stable to prevent any collapses or mishaps during transport, setup, or display.