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How Much Cake Do I Need For Thirty Guests?

When we envision a classic wedding cake, it often boasts three or more tiers, giving a sense of tradition and elegance. The origins of tiered wedding cakes trace back to a charming custom where the bride and groom would attempt to share a kiss over the tallest cake their skilled baker could construct. Successfully sealing their love without causing the cake to tumble was believed to bring good fortune to their marriage!

Therefore, a classic three-tier cake composed of thirty-, twenty-five-, and twenty-centimetre layers can generously accommodate around one hundred guests. If you prefer a narrower cake, it will be more petite, cost-effective, and serve a smaller number of attendees.

Planning Around Other Desserts

In case you have additional desserts planned alongside the cake, it's important to adjust the size of the cake accordingly. For instance, if you'll be offering cookies and ice cream in addition to the wedding cake, you can reduce the cake size to account for the fact that most people may not go for seconds or may prefer smaller slices. By considering the presence of other sweet treats, you can ensure that the cake size aligns with the overall dessert offerings and guest preferences.