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Heart Birthday Cake Ideas

A heart cake can symbolise various emotions, depending on the occasion and the person being honoured. Here, we explain some of the common meanings behind a heart cake and some ideas about the way a heart shape or design can be incorporated into a cake that you can choose from when you explore your cake delivery options in Sydney.

Creative Heart Cakes to Consider

The Pink and Blue Vintage Heart Cake from Black Velvet Cakes is a double-layer cake covered in award-winning handmade buttercream ruffles and piping. There is plenty of room for you to add a personalised message for the recipient! 

The Mother’s Day Pink Heart Vintage Cake is a spin on the pink-and-blue version that is decorated with sugar roses and pearl cachous. A heart-shaped cake can also be a thoughtful adaptation to an aesthetic minimalist cake.

Final Thoughts

Remember to customise a heart cake to suit the occasion on hand. In addition to the heart theme, consider the person's favourite flavours, colours, and aesthetic. 

Let your creative juices flow and talk with a baking expert from Black Velvet Cakes about what message you want the cake to convey. Most importantly, have fun working with us to create a heart-themed cake that will make the day even more memorable!