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Funny Birthday Cakes

Silly Birthday Cake Ideas to Consider

Some ideas for funny cakes include cakes in the shape of an object or a character, cakes with humorous messages or puns, or cakes with quirky decorations. The team at Black Velvet Cakes can help bring your funny cake ideas to life with our expert cake-making and decorating skills.

Here are some fun birthday cake ideas to give you inspiration:

  • Make an age-related joke: A cake with the message "Over the Hill" written on it with a graphic of a tombstone or a walker is a playful way to poke fun at the birthday person's age.
  • Try a toilet cake: A cake that looks like a toilet bowl with poop emojis on top has a gross-out factor, but is also a fun way to decorate a cake in a way that will get a lot of laughs!
  • Go for a beer mug cake: A cake that looks like a beer mug with frothy beer on top is a great cake for a beer lover's birthday.
  • Use popular memes or internet trends: Cake designs that incorporate memorable digital moments are another way to make people chuckle!
  • Incorporate their favourite objects: Placing the shape of a burger, a camera, or a favourite piece of technology is a funny way to show off the birthday person’s favourite things.
  • Use funny colours, textures, and shapes: For example, a cake designed to look like a messy desk or a pile of books could be a good gag!
  • Try an animal-themed cake: Add humorous expressions or cartoonish designs to a funny animal image!