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Cool Birthday Cakes             

A birthday celebration would not be complete without a cake. If you’ve been tasked with finding a cool birthday cake, there are some great cake shopoptions in Sydney. First, though, make sure you know what qualifies as “cool.”

The coolness of a cake can refer to any variety of things, depending on the context and preferences of the birthday person. For example, it could be the cake’s appearance–a unique design, striking colours, or an unusual shape could be described as “cool.”

Cool Cakes We’ve Seen

If the mission to come up with a cool cake idea is become more than you bargained for, we’ve listed some unusual cake ideas that can get your creative juices flowing:

  • Number or Letter Cakes: These are cakes shaped like numbers, such as the age the person is turning, topped with cookies, character shapes, flowers, and other indulgences
  • Drip Cakes: Icing that cascades down the sides can create a unique and trendy look.
  • Character Cakes: These are cakes that are designed to look like a specific character, such as a superhero or Disney princess. Check out the Princess Jasmine Doll Cake from Black Velvet Cakes, which has the actual cake hidden under her full-length gown!
  • Sculpted Cakes: Cakes can be sculpted into a specific shape or design, like an animal or object.
  • Ice Cream Cakes: These are cakes made with ice cream and can come in a variety of flavours and designs.
  • Photo Cakes: Some cakes have an edible photo printed on them, usually an image of the birthday person or a special memory. 
  • Unicorn Cakes: These whimsical cakes are decorated with pastel colours and edible decorations. Our Dreamy Unicorn Cake is a cool idea with its colourful mane, eyelashes, golden horn protruding from the top, and ears made with edible gold paint!
  • Floral Cakes: Cakes decorated with edible flowers or a floral design made from frosting or fondant are sure to turn heads.

What Black Velvet Cakes Has to Offer

It’s time to pick a cake that will wow everyone at a birthday party. Your first call should be to Black Velvet Cakes, which offers a wide range of birthday cakes that will impress any crowd!

Black Velvet Cakes has lots more to offer than innovative birthday cakes. Our website boasts an impressive portfolio of artistic confectionery creations to suit any occasion!