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Sydney's Best Vegan Chocolate Cake

April 29, 2020 2 min read


It's not often we write about our products, we're too focused on the eternal effort of achieving the best experience for our clients. However, our new vegan chocolate cake, available to buy online now or in our Darlinghurst cake store, is something else.

When we hear of a new technique or ingredient that could influence our products for the better, we begin a rigorous test to see if we can get an improved cake for our clients. This has just happened for our Vegan Chocolate Cake.

As one of our owners has followed a vegan diet for over 10 years, with an undeniable sweet tooth, he is forever committed to ensuring we offer Sydney the best vegan cakes and cupcakes with great designs and memorable service delivery.

Furthermore, the rise of vegan options in the corporate cake and corporate cupcake market is another reason why we have delivered vegan cupcakes and cakes to the likes of innovative companies such as Google and Atlassian.

So what's super special about our vegan chocolate cake? The sponge is Super Moist, soft and Super Chocolatey, using raw South American cocoa powder from Black Gold. Our icing uses dutch cocoa powder and a special blend of other ingredients to ensure a pure soft chocolate experience! Don't forget, being vegan, it's eggless, dairy free, lactose free and nut free! 

We bake vegan cakes daily and always do our best to serve, especially if it's last minute and you need a cake today.

Vegan Chocolate Flavour is available in all our Vegan Cake designs, so we invite you to explore the perfect vegan birthday cake, vegan wedding cake or other celebration cake.

Of course, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to open a chat window or contact us on phone or email.