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Things to Know about Baek-il: A Baby’s 100th Day Celebration

May 03, 2019 2 min read

Things to Know about Baek-il: A Baby’s 100th Day Celebration

Asian traditions are slowly taking over other countries - including Australia!

Ever wondered why some cakes have the number 100 as a topper? Coming to mind at first is definitely when a person celebrates his or her 100th year. Yes, that's indeed possible! But a trend we observed nowadays is celebrating a baby's 100th day.

Baek-il: A Korean Tradition

A milestone is celebrated uniquely in every country. For Korea, it is the tradition that emphasizes the importance of a child’s first 100 days.

With childhood diseases common in Korea a long time ago, it was a natural instinct for parents to keep their baby at home. Chances of survival were also low because of extreme weather conditions, from freezing winter to humid summer. Avoiding to take their babies outdoors is the best decision to survive until the 100th day.

Why 100 days?

For some 1st birthday is the most important, others consider the 18th birthday as a turning point for a woman’s life. In Korea, celebrating a baby’s 100th day holds a deep meaning of maturity. For them, this is a sign that a baby would make it out of infancy and ready to live its first day.

A mix of Traditional and Modern

Native to their homeland, Koreans (and some Chinese) celebrate Baek-Il by inviting their relatives and other close friends. These guests usually bring rice and soup in gratitude for the infant’s survival. Rice cakes, wines and other native delicacies are also served after a prayer.

Ordering desserts to celebrate a baby's 100th day is common nowadays. As a modern take for this Korean tradition, parents usually order floral themed desserts, some pink, some blue depending on the baby's gender.

Black Velvet Sydney Cakes

When the family and relatives gather to celebrate Baek-Il, it is important to consider the perfect cakes and cupcakes to star your dessert tables. Aside from California Girl Drip Cake, you can choose from our wide array selection of cakes and cupcakes sure to make both your baby and guests smile.

Our Semi Naked and Drip Cakes are usually the top choices for this celebration, with most of our customers gushing over the floral and 100 number topper combination.   

You are also free to customise your cakes from flavours to toppers! Contact us by clicking on the bottom right of the website or by sending an email

Below are some of the cakes you can customise for your baby's 100th day celebration:

 100th-day-california-semi-naked-cake-black-velvet-sydney    100th-day-california-boy-drip-cake-black-velvet-sydney     100th-day-california-boy-semi-naked-black-velvet-sydney