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Baby Shower Cake Designs for Boys

California Boy Drip Lollipop Cake

A butter sponge cake decorated with our award-winning icing is a sure winner. The cake is finished with blue drip icing, cupcakes, blue lollipops and candies, and other details to make it very clear who the cake is celebrating. 

This theme can be expanded with a multi-tier version of the California Boy Drip Cake if you are having a larger party.

Cake Mates Photo Image Cake

Provide a picture of your family to create an edible top to the cake with blue and white hues on the side to welcome a new baby boy.

The Bottom Line

Baby showers are a joyous occasion for both the parents and the guests. With a proper cake, no one will ask if there is supposed to be cake at a baby shower—they will all be diving in to get a taste of the masterpiece you selected to welcome the beautiful boy. A cake from Black Velvet Cakes is just what you need!